Find a specific item: To locate a particular item, click on the 'Search' button located at the top left of the page. This action will display a search box where you can enter a description of the item. Beneath the search box, choose either 'Men' or 'Women' to specify the category, then press 'Enter' or tap 'Search'. Unisex items will automatically appear in both categories.

Browse luxury items: If you are using a desktop browser, simply click on 'Men' or 'Women' at the top left of the screen. On a mobile device, select the menu icon in the top left corner, and then choose either the Men's or Women's designer categories.

Once you've selected a category, you will see the LUXURYBEAST collection of brands listed on the left side, below a list of subcategories.

Check out: To select an item for purchase, pick a size and click on 'Add to Bag'. This action will add the item to your shopping bag. When you're ready to complete your purchase, click on 'Proceed to Checkout'.

Note: Adding items to your shopping bag or wishlist does not reserve them.

Review and modify your shopping bag: In the 'Shopping Bag' page, you can review your order. To remove unwanted items, click or tap the 'x' beside the product. If you want to keep an item in your wishlist but remove it from your shopping bag, simply select 'Move to Wishlist'.

Proceed to Checkout: Clicking 'Proceed to Checkout' will take you to the final stage of the process.

On the Checkout Page:

- Provide your shipping and billing address.
- Choose your preferred shipping method.
- Enter your payment information.
- Review your purchases one last time before placing your order.

Confirmation and invoice: After completing your purchase, you will receive an email confirmation at the address on file. This email will serve as an invoice and include your order number.

For more detailed information about the order process, please click here.

Creating a LUXURYBEAST Wishlist

1. Log in or create a LUXURYBEAST account: To create a Wishlist, you need to either log in to your existing LUXURYBEAST account or create a new one. Guest users can also create Wishlists.

2. Adding items to your Wishlist: To add items to your Wishlist, click on the product you wish to add. Select the desired size, then click on 'Add to Wishlist'. If you change your mind, you can reverse this selection by clicking or tapping 'in Wishlist'. You can also move items from your shopping bag directly to your Wishlist by selecting 'Move to Wishlist'.

Note: Adding items to your Wishlist does not reserve them. Other customers can still purchase the items.

3. Viewing and modifying your Wishlist: To view your Wishlist, click on 'Wishlist' in the top right corner of any LUXURYBEAST page. On this page, you can make changes to your Wishlist by removing items or transferring them to the shopping bag for purchase.