10k Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Rope Chain

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    Introducing our stunning 10k Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Rope Chain. Crafted with precision, it radiates elegance and is secured with a lobster clasp. The diamond cut style ensures maximum shine.

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  • Specifications and Materials

    Gold Purity 10k Yellow Gold
    Backing Lobster Clasp
  • Approximate Weight

    16" 18" 20" 22" 24" 30"
    1.5mm 2.7 g 3.0 g 3.3 g 3.7 g 3.8 g 4.8 g
    2.0mm 3.2 g 3.7 g 4.1 g 4.5 g 5.0 g N/A
    2.5mm 6.0 g 6.2 g 6.9 g 8.2 g 9.0 g 11.0 g
    3.0mm N/A 10.3 g 11.1 g 12.2 g 13.3 g 16.7 g
    3.5mm N/A 14.1 g 14.7 g 16.4 g 17.9 g N/A
    4.0mm N/A 17.2 g 19.1 g 21.0 g 22.9 g 28.7 g
    5.0mm N/A N/A 24.6 g 27.9 g 29.8 g N/A
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    This 10k Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Rope Chain is backed by our Luxoptions Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that if you are unhappy with your purchase, we will offer you a complete refund or exchange and pay for your return for up to 30 days. For more information, please see our return policy here.

  • FAQs and More Information

    To learn more about this piece and frequently asked questions by previous customers, please visit our FAQs section below.

FAQs for 10k Solid Gold Rope Chains

  • What is a rope chain?

    A rope chain is a type of chain that looks like a twisted rope. It's made by weaving metal strands together in a spiral pattern. Known for being strong and durable, gold rope chains are a popular choice for necklaces and can be made from various metals like gold and 925 sterling silver. They have a classic look and can be worn with or without pendants or charms.

  • What does "Diamond Cut" mean?

    Diamond cut refers to the textured finish on the earrings that creates small facets on the surface, enhancing their sparkle and shine. In other words, it makes the earrings more radiant in the presence of light.

  • Is this chain solid gold or gold plated?

    This chain is solid gold (made entirely of gold). We do not sell gold plated jewelry.

  • What is 10k solid gold?

    10 karat gold, often written as 10k gold, is a type of gold alloy that contains 41.7% pure gold. Similar to 14k gold, the rest of the composition is made up of other metals such as copper, silver, or zinc. The lower percentage of pure gold in 10k gold makes it more durable and less prone to scratches or dents. This makes it an excellent choice for everyday jewelry.

  • Can I wear my rope chain everyday?

    Yes, you can wear your rope chain everyday if you so choose. 10k solid gold is very durable and can withstand everyday wear. However, to ensure that it lasts as long as possible without tarnishing, you should avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals and learn how to care for it.

  • Is this chain stamped with a 10k quality mark?

    Yes, all of our jewelry is stamped with a quality mark signifying the purity of gold used and authenticity.

  • Does your chain come with a warranty or guarantee?

    Yes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our products in addition to a 90 day warranty. This means that if you are unhappy with your jewelry we will give a you a free return and complete refund or if your jewelry is damaged we will repair it free of charge.

  • How do I clean and maintain my gold rope chain?

    To clean and maintain your gold rope chain, you can use a soft, lint-free cloth to gently wipe away dirt and oils. You should also avoid exposing your gold chain to harsh chemicals and store it separately to avoid scratches.

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